Client Support Services
We've seen that disparate technologies sometimes need a bit of help to work seamlessly together. Specifically, in developing front end, multiscreen experiences, some tailoring of vendor applications is necessary.
Multiscreen EPGs, Video Players, VoIP/SIP clients, and messaging interfaces, don't always have the same look, feel or flow, creating a very disjointed user experience. Or, sometimes, they need a bit of tuning to work with operator back end systems, in order to deliver a complete, reliable and secure experience.

UXP Systems has broad experience in evaluating and implementing front end technologies into its Multiscreen Interaction Console. This experience enables a unique and expert approach to 'getting it all to work seamlessly'. Our work has spanned most operator services, across a number of devices, operating systems and screens, and is backed by a strong and growing partner ecosystem.

Front end expertise includes:
Multiscreen registration and credentialing with back-end systems
Video players and EPG metadata/grid interfaces
VoIP utilities including SIP clients and desktop agents
Messaging interfaces for voicemail, SMS, MMS
Address book, calendaring and other utility applications
Video Demo: MINT in Action
See the MINT Platform in action, providing a personalized user experience across multiple blended services (social media, favourites, personal recommendations, home control, weather, VOD, nPVR, and more)