• Manage the Lifecycle of Every Digital User

    Manage the Lifecycle of

    Every Digital User

    Enable Digital Transformation with
    Frictionless User Journeys
  • Empower User Driven Convergence

    Empower user driven convergence

    Let every user unify their cable, wireless
    and cloud accounts without B/OSS consolidation
  • Personalize Experiences

    Personalize Experiences

    Capture Every user Interaction

    Recommend content, set preferences and policies at the user level, monetize
  • Groups, Delegation, Hierarchy & Roles

    Groups, delegation, hierarchy & Roles

    Every user exists within a context 
    Enable robust, role-driven context & hierarchy for any service


Powering The Digital User Lifecycle

UXP Systems' User Lifecycle Management platform is the Evolution of Digital Identity.  Traditional Single Sign On (SSO) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions no longer cut it in the digital world.  The entire lifecycle of each individual user needs to be managed across all services and all devices,  powering companies to differentiate themselves and develop user relationships that last a lifetime.



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who is using the mint User lifecycle MANAGEMENT platform?


Enabling User Lifecycle Management for a major digital transformation project 

Cable & Wireless

Powering a Unified Digital Experience across Video, Voice, Messaging & OTT for every household member


Extending OptikTV with Personalized Digital User Profiles & Cloud Services 

Cable Bahamas

 Managing the entire User Lifecycle & Blending Next Gen Video & OTT



Century Link

Enabling Personalized Digital User Profiles & Recommendations for Prism TV


Enabling User Lifecycle Management for a digital transformation project 

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What our customers say about us

”With UXP Systems, we are empowering our customers by delivering a personalized digital experience across all services. We are implementing a single set of digital user processes that will power our transformation across voice, video and cloud services”
Carlo Alloni, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Cable and Wireless
User Lifecycle Management

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