ULM UXDR® Insight

Capturing user data across all services and devices is key to service monetization

User eXperience Data Records (UXDR®)

An important component in a company's ability to monetize their services is in the capture of raw usage data regarding their user’s activities across their service portfolio.  Indeed, billion-dollar internet companies have been created that base their monetization models on knowledge of a user’s activities, be it their personal interests, purchase history, devices used, location, assets consumed, or practically anything else that they're able to capture meaningful data about.

It is extremely strategic for operators to be able to capture such important user data and to do so across all of their services, for all individual users, in order to provide a better service experience and to better understand usage patterns that can lead to improved user experiences and enable true data-driven marketing activities.  






UXDR® Insight provides normalized user activity records that are generated by the ULM platform to capture information pertaining to a User's activity as they traverse the platform.  UXDR® Records are generated from the application server access logs, and a REST API is also available to directly generate user activity logs from client applications. Logs are parsed near-real-time using LogStash, on each server node for specific entries (this is configurable) and are collected and brought to a central dispatch.  The records are then dispatched to multiple pipelines based on the end-usage of the record.  The UXDR® pipeline has a customizable enrichment process by which additional information can be added to the record.  UXDR® records in its final format is stored in a document database for third party reporting and integrations.

These records can be used by operators for a variety of analytics purposes, and are frequently used to feed popular recommendation or targeted advertising platforms.  Over time, this data will prove extremely valuable for operators aiming to improve the customer experience, and to provide insight into new ways to monetize services.


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