ULM Process Layer

Enabling the Development & Configuration of ULM Processes

ULM Process Library Groups

UXP Systems' ULM Process Library layer contains the processes that optimize the user lifecycle throughout that user’s service experience with an operator.  From initial onboarding to maximizing monetization through user data capture, the ULM Process Library represents over 100 best practice processes that enable the digital user lifecycle above an operator’s existing back end systems, while also significantly decreasing time to market. The ULM Process Library encompasses processes that manage different types of digital identification, onboarding scenarios, access types, delegation models, monetization, service federation, audit, privacy and administration.

 These included out of the box ULM Processes are categorized into the following ULM process groups:




ULM processes are developed using Java or Groovy and are referenceable via the ULM Developer's Guide.  In addition to these existing ULM processes, included in the Process Layer is a UI-driven process modeling interface which enables the creation, modification, and management of process fragments via drag and drop.  Export and import processes are in JSON with a controlled deployment methodology.







This ULM Process modeling interface, along with the existing ULM processes within the ULM Process Library, provide exemplary coverage for digital enterprises,  supporting multiple service scenarios in the delivery of next generation digital service experiences for users.


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