ULM Multiservice Gateway

Making any service to completely user-aware

Identity Awareness For Every Service

UXP Systems’ Multiservice Gateway provides the mechanism by which any operator Core, Cloud, OTT, or virtually any service, can leverage User Lifecycle Management™, enabling rich personalization & privacy while making any potential service "Identity Aware" of all users. 

Using the module’s AnyService SDK, operators, developers, and partners can create Service Application Modules (SAMs).  SAMs integrate user entities to ULM entities via deep-API linking and normalization, enabling service and feature level personalization.  The Multiservice Gateway manages the lifecycle of the interface between ULM and the SAMs by:

  • Providing the APIs for SAMs to register on the interface and post their status
  • Using an 'application key' to authenticate the registration of a SAM



Based on the service registry, the Multiservice Gateway provides an API for client applications to discover the services exposed by SAMs.  The Gateway also facilitates user authentication (SSO & SLO) and authorization (based on the ULM Service Model map) across SAMs (also supports SAML and OpenID Connect authentication protocols)

Vendor specific integrations are done via the quick development of Provider Interfaces, and are also extensible via the AnyService SDK.  Since the ULM module maps associations between users and subscriptions, integrating new services into an operator’s offerings via the Multiservice Gateway is an agile and effective alternative to the siloed integration to back end operator BSS/OSS platforms.

Provider Interfaces help to de-couple the business logic relevant to the delivery of a specific service from the source of the service itself.  For example, a SAM for a Linear TV application could be developed generically and then used with different video middleware platforms by using the Provider Interface that is specific to each middleware.  Further, a SAM could be integrated with multiple Provider Interfaces, each providing data for a different aspect of the service.

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