ULM Launchpad

For rapid deployment or proof of concept

Identity Awareness Starts Here

In order to facilitate a quick deployment of the ULM Platform, the ULM Launchpad software suite comes pre-packaged with a Self-care portal that implements best practice user journeys. The business processes that are implemented in Launchpad are a subset of the ULM Process Library and cover the most significant and common self-service interactions.


Some of the key user journeys facilitated by the ULM Launchpad include: 


  • User Sign up with Email Validation
  • Password Reset
  • Trial Subscription Lifecycle
  • Trial to Premium Subscription Upgrade
  • Self Service
  • Profile Management
  • Household Group Setup & User Invitations
  • User Privileges Management
  •  Profile Merge



The Launchpad ecosystem is supplemented by the  ULM Care Console as well as the ULM System Administration Console to provide a back-office view of the environment and user data. Integration to cloud billing solutions has been implemented to fulfill related flows that involve product catalog and/or payment gateway functionality.


ULM Launchpad will help stakeholders quickly understand the user lifecycle processes, as well as ULM capabilities. This facilitates rapid, adaptable and customizable processes based on the operator's unique needs.




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