Report: The State of Operator Transformation II

How Operators are Transforming to the Identity Economy


Digital Transformation Starts Here

We work with some of the largest operators in the world every day, and can attest that there is no question that they all realize that digital transformation is necessary. Indeed, Operator Transformation to the Identity Economy is well underway but, How Are They Transforming?

This report provides valuable insight on how operators are actually implementing their own digital transformations. Are there similarities in the way they are approaching them? What technology decisions have they had to make along the way? What are their expected outcomes of transformation? How are they going to measure their success? 

Download the report to begin your Digital Transformation:  

  • Digital Identity Starts Here
  • Getting to Digital: Billing Transformation vs. Overlay Platform
  • The Digital Overlay: Building the Digital BSS
  • Using the New Digital Overlay
  • Place Users at the center of the Digital Experience

Download The Full Report Here!

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