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Create a personalized TV experience with multiple core and cloud video services

Put the User at the Centre of the Video Experience 


The growth of Over The Top (OTT) services continues to increasingly create a fragmented TV experience for users. In the US alone, over 58% of broadband households use at least one OTT service every week and at least 22% of US Cable households have at least one additional premium OTT subscription.   The "Teen" demographic now consumes more YouTube hours every week then cable TV hours.   As adoption of non-cable services continues to  garner more hours from the viewing public, the requirement to make the overall video experience seamless for the end user becomes more and more critical.  Cable operators have the opportunity to embrace cloud based OTT services and unify them along with their existing video services around individual users to provide a truly seamless TV experience.


While legacy backend systems and outdated processes makes this challenging for operators, the real problem is taking core TV services, along with cloud -based video services, and making them "identity-aware" of any user consuming their content, as well as general awareness and context of the household if applicable, and individual user preferences and settings.  Ideally, the user would expect a unified version of all of their various video sources available seamlessly.  The operator's user wants easy, digital ID based access to all operator core services, but also wants seamless access to additional cloud or OTT based services, using the same digital ID.




UXP Systems' User Lifecycle Management platform is the linchpin to a unified video experience for users.


Only UXP Systems' User Lifecycle Management platform has the Identity capabilities and ULM Processes necessary to put the user at the center of a unified, seamless  TV experience.

The ULM platform provides a single abstraction layer to bring together multiple disparate video services around a single user.   This unified approach provides the following capabilities:

  • Federating and unifying all services around individual users
  • Full onboarding lifecycle support through the operator.  For new and existing OTT customers, support for multiple models
  • Enabling true single sign on via the MVPDs Digital ID (where applicable).  Auto sign-on via set-top or mobile device with profile selection as required
  • Unified and normalized search, recommendations, profiles, parental controls, recordings, favorites and watch lists
  • Normalization of all metadata and entitlements in one common repository

User Lifecycle Management solves the fragmented user experience issues for operators by embracing cloud and OTT offerings, placing the operator in the strategic centre of the user's digital life, a powerful position providing lucrative user insight across the multiple service offerings at play.  The historical user data gathered can be used to improve the user experience even further, as well as maximally increase the monetization opportunity for each service.


Download the Leading Canadian Operator case study here


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I always had a view that (Netflix and Liberty) were converging, not diverging... Ultimately you will be able to search for content, and it will show up on BBC, ITV, and Netflix - you'll just choose where you want to watch it


Mike Fries, CEO, Liberty Global, LGI Tech Summit

UXP Systems' User Lifecycle Management platform is the linchpin to our overall video solution.


Senior Vice-President, Video Services, Canadian Operator


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