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Ninty percent of the world's data was created in the last 2 years.  Of this, roughly 7.9 Zettabytes (1021 bytes) represents personal data, and that number is expected to grow to 40 ZB by 2020.  As the world and its supporting economies become more and more digital, the importance of protecting that personal data becomes more and more critical for any company that deals with digital users and this reality is now forcing governments to implement far reaching personal data protection laws, regulations and directives.


Europe's GDPR

One of the most prominent initatives is the European Union's pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is scheduled to come into force in May, 2018.  This deadline has many companies scrambling to implement systems and processes to ensure compliance and to avoid the considerable fines already announced.   Companies who store user data from individuals that reside in the European Economic Area do not have a lot of time.

May 25, 2018

While the GDPR will have a significant impact for companies that deal with European user data, similar regulations are  underway including new privacy rules from the US Federal Communications Commission, Canada's own Privacy Act, and many others.  Fortunately for many companies already involved in Digital Transformation projects, privacy regulations need to be implemented at the individual user level.  This means that user-based privacy and consent management capabilities goes hand in hand with the deployment of user-identity based digital service frameworks like User Lifecycle Management.


User Lifecycle Management Enables User Managed Privacy


User Lifecycle Management (ULM) was always conceived as a platform to empower individual users.  As such, ULM is the perfect platform to power both Digital Transformation and User Managed Privacy.   In the same way that ULM enables personalized user experiences, it has the ability to act as a Privacy Control Point within an operator's Data Privacy Management solution:

  • ULM is the central consent and privacy management interface to the user, managing user consent and the user privacy lifecycle on behalf of all Data Processors contracted by the operator
  • ULM maintains the Privacy Contract for each end-user of all operator data-driven services, syndicating this privacy contract to all relevant services

By virture of the way in which ULM manages user personalization across services, it is uniquely positioned to power User Privacy Management:

  • ULM defines the user, its lifecycle and relationships and provides the central interface for the digital user to manage any privacy related attributes
  • Through group (e.g. family) management, ULM knows who is a minor and can verify adult consent on behalf of a minor as required
  • ULM provides an Audit Trail and generates logs of every transaction within the system.  UXDR® Insight stores logs for audit purposes
  • ULM Provides the capability to create a privacy dashboard or central UI to manage all privacy related settings across all services
  • ULM is also able to syndicate user consent across related data-driven services including partner or cloud services

An example of how User Lifecycle Management enables user-based privacy management across multiple services is show below:




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