UXP Systems Continues Digital Identity Innovation with the Release of User Lifecycle Management ®   (ULM® ) 6.0

January 30, 2018


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Key New Features Enable Operators to Widen and Deepen User Engagement
By Delivering Rich End-To-End Digital Experiences

TORONTO, ON - 30 January, 2018

UXP Systemsthe leader in powering digital identity for operators, announced today the release of User Lifecycle Management® 6.0 for current and new customers. The release brings new innovation and features to enable advanced digital experiences for their users, allowing operators to competitively differentiate their offerings.

“Operators are now well underway with their digital transformations and are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from OTT and cloud services, including increasing their engagement level with individual users in both their consumer and B2B businesses” said Frank Seiferth, VP of Product Management at UXP Systems. “With some of the largest telecom and cable operators in the world standardizing on User Lifecycle Management (ULM), they are proving that building and maintaining user relationships at any point in the service lifecycle is critical to their success with digital transformation.”

UXP Systems’ User Lifecycle Management platform is the evolution of digital identity at a time demanding tremendous change for operators with legacy, account-centric infrastructure.  Engagement, access and entitlements, sharing and control, personalization, privacy and consent are of paramount importance to digital users. Operators need to embrace these capabilities to be competitive in the face of service offerings from OTT  providers. UXP Systems has rapidly become the industry leader in this area, evolving the role and importance of digital identity and user management as the missing piece in an operator’s existing B/OSS infrastructure as they evolve to a more digital architecture.

Key design goals for the release of ULM 6.0 include additional functionality for the Visual Process Designer, extended capabilities to drive intelligence from user interaction, enhanced user managed privacy, and frictionless securing of user identity. New features of ULM 6.0 include:

  • ULM Process Designer and out-of-the box Reference Library – Enables operators to create and edit digital user journeys graphically, with a configurable reference process library of best in class user processes that jump-start an operator’s digital transformation
  • Extended depth and breadth of User Experience Data Records (UXDR®) - Provides unparalleled user activity data to bring greater insight into a user’s personal experiences with the operator’s services that can be used for further analytics and insight
  • User Managed Privacy – Addresses the mandates of the forthcoming GDPR requirements for the EU as it relates to the digital user. This approach makes ULM a privacy control point in the operator’s user managed privacy infrastructure, allowing users to manage consent and privacy in a centralized dashboard
  • Frictionless Securing of User Identity – Adaptive Access Management combines dynamic risk-based authentication with extra layers of security involving environmental factors and out of the box password and passwordless 2 factor authentication

“There is no question that Operators are realizing the growing role of digital identity and user management solutions that can help them transform, while also delivering on industry requirements like GDPR compliance and OTT competitiveness” said Mark Mortensen, Digital Experience Research Director at Analysys Mason. UXP Systems’ User Lifecycle Management platform works in conjunction with existing back-end systems to manage relationships beyond the billing account, for every individual user. ULM evolves digital identity, user entitlements and user managed privacy to bring traditional and emerging enterprises the capabilities to service every digital user, seamlessly.”

UXP Systems will be exhibiting at the CEM in Telecom Global Summit in London, Jan 30-Feb 1st/18, and at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Feb 26-Mar 1/18.  To set up a meeting, please visit www.uxpsystems.com/events.


About UXP Systems

UXP Systems is the leader and pioneer in User Lifecycle Management (ULM). Our platform evolves digital identity, user entitlements and personalization to bring traditional and emerging enterprises the capabilities to service every digital user seamlessly. ULM has been selected and implemented by some of the world’s largest enterprises including Liberty Global, Vodafone, Telia, and others, ensuring they remain relevant in a disrupting world. ULM delivers user-centric solutions covering User Managed Privacy, Digital Transformation, Digital and Cloud Services, Seamless Entertainment and the Connected Home, providing robust identity and user management capabilities to the modern digital ecosystem.

For more information, please visit http://www.uxpsystems.com/

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Jim MacDonald
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