UXP Systems Announces the Release of ULM v5.2, Bringing User Privacy, B2B Support, and more to the Market Leading Digital Identity Platform

31 August, 2017


Jim MacDonald
Chief Marketing Officer
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Release Delivers GDPR Capabilities for European Operators, Support for Operator B2B Businesses, and Adaptive Access Management along with Process Enhancements

TORONTO, ON - 31 August, 2017

UXP Systems, the leader in powering digital identity for operators, announced today the release of User Lifecycle Management v5.2 for their existing and new customers.

“European Operators are continuing to feel the pressure of the pending General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) , and are realizing the important role that User Lifecycle Management  plays in enabling user managed privacy.  We have also seen many operators around the world start to look at their own B2B businesses as potential revenue growth opportunities that are in need of similar digital transformation as their consumer businesses”, said Jim MacDonald, CMO of UXP Systems. “We are very pleased to be able to bring these capabilities to market at this crucial time when there are very few software solutions available today to address these needs.”

New features of ULM 5.2 include:

  • User Managed Privacy – Enables UXP Systems’ User Lifecycle Management to deliver Data Controller compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This solution offers a Privacy Profile API to allow Data Processors to provision a Privacy Profile into ULM.
  • ULM for B2B - ULM for B2B will provide the primary user of the enterprise, the ability to manage corporate users, their services and access entitlements. The platform will enable operators to provide a unified enterprise service portfolio with a central administrative dashboard, that allows SOHO, SMB and enterprises to self-manage user on-boarding, groups and entitlements as well as access to business applications and services.
  • Adaptive Access Management - Capability to provide risk-based Two-Factor Authentication. Users can register for various 2nd factor mechanisms, including Google Authenticator, and one-time-password (OTP) via SMS. Also offers Level of Assurance to ensure a user has authenticated at a certain level. Lower levels may allow a user to perform basic activities, while a higher level would be required to perform more sensitive activities.
  • New Best Practice ULM Processes, Process Framework Improvements, and more


UXP Systems’ ULM platform enables operator transformation by powering full identity lifecycle and user entitlements across existing and new cloud services. Implemented as an overlay above existing legacy BSS systems, the solution becomes the core of an operator’s future technology stack, placing users in the center of the service experience.


About UXP Systems

UXP Systems is the leader and pioneer in User Lifecycle Management (ULM). Our platform evolves digital identity, user entitlements and personalization to bring traditional and emerging enterprises the capabilities to service every digital user seamlessly. ULM has been selected and implemented by some of the world’s largest enterprises including Liberty Global, Vodafone, Telia, and others, ensuring they remain relevant in a disrupting world.  ULM delivers user-centric solutions covering User Managed Privacy, Digital Transformation, Digital and Cloud Services, Seamless Entertainment and the Connected Home, providing robust identity and user management capabilities to the modern digital ecosystem.

For more information, please visit http://www.uxpsystems.com/.


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