UXP Systems Transforms Digital Identity with the Release of User Lifecycle Management™ (ULM) 5.0

01 December, 2016


Jim MacDonald
Chief Marketing Officer
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Key Release Highlights the Need for Robust User Identity, Entitlement and Personalization in Operator Back Offices

TORONTO, CANADA - 01 December, 2016

UXP Systemsthe leader in powering digital identity for operators, announced today the release of User Lifecycle Management 5.0 for their existing and new customers.

“Operators are increasingly realizing the important role played by user lifecycle management as they continue their ongoing transformation activities in response to competitive OTT and Cloud offerings” said Jim MacDonald, CMO of UXP Systems. “They are realizing that legacy identity systems and entitlement solutions are hindering their progress as they strive to deliver digital service experiences for their users. Version 5.0 of our proven ULM platform was architected for the digital era, with next generation user management capabilities that span across service silos and deliver market leading user experiences.”

UXP Systems’ User Lifecycle Management platform is the evolution of digital identity at a time demanding tremendous change for enterprises with legacy, account-centric infrastructure.  User engagement, access and entitlements, sharing and control, personalization, and user privacy are of paramount importance to users, and operators need to embrace these capabilities competitively in the face of service offerings from OTT and cloud providers. UXP Systems has rapidly become the industry leader in this area, evolving the role and importance of digital identity and user management as the missing piece in an operator’s existing B/OSS systems as they evolve to a more digital architecture.

img_logo_original.pngKey design goals for the release of ULM 5.0 include on-the-fly configurability, improved ease of use, extensibility and enhanced user context.  The new features of ULM 5.0 include:

  • ULM Process Designer – A drag and drop user journey designer with a comprehensive out of the box business process library to accelerate time to market

  • Modular User Lifecycle Processes – Processes are deployed as contained individual configuration entities without the need for system upgrade, substantially reducing testing and deployment effort

  • UXDR® Enrichment – Increased user insight with contextual and configurable UXDR (User Experience Data Records) enrichment for downstream B/OSS systems

  • ULM Online Documentation Portal – Includes interactive “Live REST API” documentation and search capabilities

  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities - Extensible reporting dashboard and out of the box user activity reporting

UXP Systems’ User Lifecycle Management platform works in conjunction with existing back-end systems to manage relationships beyond the billing account, for every individual user. ULM evolves digital identity, user entitlements and personalization to bring traditional and emerging enterprises the capabilities to service every digital user, seamlessly.

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