Solution Brief

User Managed Privacy & The GDPR



The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is re-defining the degree with which a user’s personal data must be protected. At the heart of such regulations lies the reality that privacy and consent management needs to be managed at the individual user level.

For telecom and cable operators, individual user management, centered around digital identity, is a recent phenomenon of the internet economy – and operators are unable to manage the privacy and consent settings of users when their existing systems are only aware of the person who pays the bill.

Download the Solution Brief, User Managed Privacy & The GDPR, and learn how the User Lifecycle Management (ULM) platform supports GDPR requirements:  

  • Easy user management of privacy and consent setting via personalized dashboard
  • Application privacy registration and User Consent Management
  • User enrollment to a registered application
  • Notification to client application for user changes or breaches of data protection
  • Minor and parent/guardian relationshps and user lifecycle management

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