Case Studies

Focusing on the solution

Cable & Wireless - Flow ID

The Business Challenge (1): 

When Cable & Wireless acquired Columbus Communications, it brought together the largest cable and wireless companies in the Caribbean region, and the following challenges: Read More


The Business Challenge (2):

To accelerate its digital transformation, CWC created its Flow ID service using UXP Systems’ User Lifecycle Management (ULM) solution as an overlay on 12 different BSS/OSS to quickly create unified digital identities, which avoided the need for a time-consuming B/OSS transformation. Authored by Analysys Mason, find out how Flow ID enabled CWC to create new revenue opportunities and provide a frictionless user experience across all its digital offerings, including those from its partners. Read More


Leading Canadian Operator

The Business Challenge: 

The operator wanted to launch a millenial-friendly TV service, with a need to support all-digital user onboarding journeys and user-level personalization. Their challenges included: Read More


The Business Challenge: 

Although Ericsson held market share as the leading IPTV provider with their existing technology and the acquisitions of Microsoft Mediaroom and Azuki, they were unable to add user management to support a fully personalized TV experience: Read More


My Knock

The Business Challenge: 

As smart devices in the home proliferate, people want seamless access to all of their services via one login. They also want to be able to securely share access to specific services with other household members, without sharing passwords. This was not possible due to the: Read More


The Business Challenge: 

After the acquisition of KDG and Arcor, Vodafone needed an immediate solution to give customers a federated view of their DSL, TV and Wireless services across disparate B/OSS systems, without expensive and risky B/OSS transformation. Challenges: Read More


Liberty Global

The Business Challenge: 

Liberty Global wanted to ensure a frictionless and personalized user experience as users accessed and consumed core, and next generation cloud, Over-The-Top (OTT) and connected life services. With multiple brands and B/OSS infrastructure distributed across their pan-European operations, they realized the following business challenges: Read More