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on Feb 27, 2018 3:53:44 AM By | Gemini Waghmare | 0 Comments | Digital economy digital internet economy
If you want to know just how far the digital revolution has gone, consider this: in banking, one of the world’s most traditional industries, 46% of consumers now interact with their bank via digital form only, skipping physical channels altogether.  
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Upgrading the IQ of AI Systems for better User Management

on Jan 24, 2018 9:35:49 AM By | Brantz Myers | 2 Comments | User Digital economy internet economy Operator
Although they’re not new, Artificial Intelligence systems have grown in popularity in recent years.  Previously they were confined to halls of academic research centres and the muse of science fiction writers, but they have now been elevated to front and center consumer status with smartphone tools like Siri and Google Assistant, as well as smart speaker systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Even some appliances and cars have AI capabilities to enhance the lives of their users while bringing the convenience of pervasive speech driven power that is easy to use. 
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What's With the 'Ho Hum' from Operators on the Pending GDPR Deadline?

on Jan 17, 2018 12:59:31 PM By | Jim MacDonald | 0 Comments | User Lifecycle Management GDPR Data privacy engagement digital Operator
2018 is here. While it appears that a lot of people are saying good riddance to 2017 - for any company that does business in the European Union, 2018 brings something new to worry about: the forthcoming GDPR.  May 25th, 2018 is the deadline for compliance to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These regulations apply to any company with users in the EU, where they hold and manage user data in the course of conducting business - in the digital world, this pretty much means every business. Fines of up to €20M or 4% of global annual revenue (whichever is greater) can be the result of non-compliance.
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The Move to Omni-Digital: Driving to Zero Friction Customer Engagement

on Nov 28, 2017 10:45:05 AM By | Gemini Waghmare | 0 Comments |
  When our family decided to switch out our cable TV service in favor of the local telco offering, I knew immediately a patience-testing chore lay before me. I had to pick up the phone and cancel my current service, and then pick it up again to order the new one. Two phone calls. Double the agony of waiting in the queue, explaining my choices, listening to upsell efforts and confirming logistics. We had wanted to change our service for months, but the anticipated friction of interacting with a call center agent had deterred me more than anything else. I never checked if I could undertake this kind of customer service online, I just knew that I couldn’t. And I was right. Cable & telecom operators have lagged so far behind in enabling end-to-end digital transactions, we have become conditioned to interact with them via non-digital means. 
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If you Wannabe a Millennial, You’ve Gotta Capture my Omni-Digital Expectations

on Oct 30, 2017 9:13:53 AM By | Cayla Vedd-Paddick | 0 Comments | Digital Strategy omni digital millennial
  Welcome to the Internet Economy. So I ripped off the Spice Girls a little bit with my title, every Millennial out there loved the Spice Girls, and every parent of a Millennial has heard their albums on repeat for an entire decade, literally. The Spice Girls and their respective CD’s have now been replaced by products and services that feed the limitless desires to stream, purchase, travel, read, play and work in the most digital way possible.  So, what exactly is a Millennial anyway?
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Are Operators Moving to an “Unconscious” BSS?

on Jul 20, 2017 1:25:42 PM By | Jim MacDonald | 1 Comment | bss digital internet economy Operator
Our company works with the leading telecom and cable companies in the world as they transform their internal technologies and processes to enable them to compete in the digital economy.  In a very general sense, the digital economy is described by Wikipedia as “… an economy that is based on digital computing technologies”.  Sometimes also referred to as the Internet Economy, if you think of the way that you sign up and use Uber, Netflix, or Amazon, they are good examples of how a product or service can be used digitally – everything is simple and easy, from the way you are initially on-boarded or signed up to the service, to how the product is consumed or delivered.  This type of “digital service experience” is what traditional cable or telecom companies are striving for, and they’re finding out that it is not as easy as they’d hoped.
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Is Using a CRM platform in today’s Digital economy like trying to find a customer using the Yellow Pages?

on Jun 30, 2017 4:29:02 PM By | Jay Deen | 0 Comments | Digital Strategy engagement Digital economy CRM
Engagement – historically operators were transfixed on a household to send a paper bill and collect money for services that were delivered to the house. Life was easier – you dealt with a home phone numbers or cable subscription and never had to manage the issues with licenses, rights, restrictions and never dreamed that you could use knowledge of the people within the house to provide better service – Nielsen took care of that. Even once broadband became common place, once dial-up modems had been relegated to closets and xDSL and DOCSIS had become common household words, it was all about dry-loops or mac addresses and a household - anything behind the gateway was not the purvey of the operator.  If it was delivered to a house anyone in the house could use it. Fast forward through IPhones, Android Tablets, Google Home and Siri.  
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Are Operators on the Road to Digital Success? Learnings from TM Forum LIVE! 2017

  I’m back from the annual TM Forum LIVE! event held every spring in Nice, and as the saying goes, I would be a very wealthy man if I had a dime for every session, booth, press release, or conversation I had that used the word “digital”.  In most cases, Operators are at least in the planning phases of their own digital transformations, and there were considerable learnings to take away from all the interactions and sessions we attended at the event.
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Is B2B the Growth Nugget hiding in Telecom Markets?

  It is great working at a software company that has the privilege of working with some of the largest operators in the world. Working with these companies gives us first hand exposure to confirm our own approach to the markets we serve, to experience the way that operators work internally, and understand how their own executives perceive the market changes that are challenging the operator community around the world.
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Operators Search for Identity at Mobile World Congress 2017

on Mar 13, 2017 11:42:43 AM By | Jim MacDonald | 0 Comments | digital transformation digital identity Operators Identity Management
I recently returned from our annual pilgrimage to Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC). Hailed as the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry with over 2200 exhibitors, our company attends every year, and this year once again the show pushed multiple themes and issues to the forefront as operators continue their struggle with digital transformation.
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