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The internet has profoundly and permanently changed the way people interact with products and services. From travel to television, music to messaging, shopping to socializing, users engage online. They use mobile apps and portals to access what they want, where they want, when they want.  

People have become accustomed to digital experiences where the friction of human intervention is gone. They no longer have to walk into banks, line up in queues, or tolerate call centre agents to carry on with their day to day lives. Instead, they use individual digital user identities that are passports to online services and storefronts that are both frictionless and offer boundless choice.  




UXP Systems, an Amdocs company, is the leader and pioneer in User Lifecycle Management (ULM).  Our platform evolves digital identity, user entitlements and personalization to bring traditional and emerging enterprises the capabilities to service every digital user, seamlessly.  ULM has been selected and implemented by some of the world’s largest broadband operators to ensure they remain relevant in a disrupting world.

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In the Digital era, the way that people interact with services is dramatically different than in the past.  Modern over-the-top internet players have conditioned users to expect a zero-touch experience when they purchase, access, and personalize their digital services.  Today we all interact with digital services via a digital ID.  In fact, your digital ID has quickly become the anchor around which all services are delivered.  This has become such a critical component of service delivery, that all businesses are realizing the strategic importance of managing their place in the digital value chain.  Businesses with legacy infrastructure and processes are often the most challenged in making these changes, and ULM can help.  No matter where you are in your digital transformation, ULM will get you there faster, with specific solution areas covering Digital Identity, Premium Digital Services, Seamless TV, User Privacy, the Digital Home, and Enterprise, B2B & MDU.


The next transition in the Digital era is clearly the movement of services from being device or account driven, to being identity driven.  The modern digital service experience centers around individual users, laying the foundation for modern companies to contemplate digital user relationships that could last a lifetime.  User Lifecycle Management was designed as a business framework to provide the processes necessary for  companies to manage the entire lifecycle of their users - from initial engagement to ongoing management - including the necessary capabilities to manage multiple business models, access and entitlement, sharing, roles and control within the digital household, individual personalization, and management of privacy at the user level.  Key components in the solution are User Lifecycle Management, ULM Data & Entitlements, ULM Identity & Access Management, ULM Utilities & Administration, ULM Process LayerULM Multiservice Gateway, ULM UXDR Insight and ULM Launchpad.

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UXP Systems is managed by an executive team who have worked and consulted in the enterprise software space for decades.  This knowledge, deeply infused with digital services and IdM experience is matched with an energetic development team who are leaders in the architecture and technology stack prevalent among the world's largest companies. 


Our Solution Delivery organization have delivered scalable operator solutions around the globe.  Led by our team of Solution Delivery Managers, Solution Architects, Technical Business Analysts and Solution Deployment and System Integration Specialists, our teams are focused on getting operator projects deployed on time and on budget.

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