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Operators hold the key to the connected home


The automated home is now very much a reality. As smart devices in the home proliferate, people want seamless access to all of their services via one login.  Here, like everywhere else, digital identity plays a key role.  Because the multitude of digital home and Internet of things (IoT) devices and services all have their own onboarding flows, credentials, and management paradigms, User Lifecycle Management (ULM) can bring them all together seamlessly, and in the process, create a significant opportunity for broadband providers.


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ULM can provide operators with the ability to manage all of these devices and services by bringing them together in a way that makes them "household-aware" - aware of the existing users and their respective roles and groups within a household.  This approach enables them to securly share access to specific services and features with other household members, without sharing passwords.

Our User Lifecycle Management platform is a datacenter or cloud based platform that operators can utilize to enable unified access to a user's digital life & connected home services through one login across multiple devices.  This allows users to:

  • Delegate and invite other household members to share service access without sharing passwords
  • Enjoy simple, real-time feature level control over what functions are shared with whom
  • Complete audit & logging of all interactions

Having control over the network itself and already maintaining a financial relationship with existing households, broadband providers now have the ability to utilize User Lifecycle Managment to inject themselves into the emerging digital home and Internet of Things marketplace.  This approach provides competitive differentiation for the broadband provider while increasing the size of their services portfolio.  Once in place, more and more Digital Home or IoT devices can be added easily.

See an example of an operator-branded management dashboard for household user "Jim" below.



UXP Systems provides support for the entire lifecycle of any user who consumes a service, and this is precicesly what is needed if CSPs are to successfully compete with OTT providers and expand into digital services such as smart home

Charlotte Patrick, Research Director, CSP Strategy, Gartner

Download the Myknock case study here

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