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UXP Systems' award-winning MINT Software Suite is the industry’s first enterprise platform that enables operators to go beyond the household and personalize next generation video, integrate blended and over-the-top services and extend seamless, authenticated access to any screen.
By combining its unique User Lifecycle Management, Multiservice Gateway, and Console Framework/UX capabilities, MINT enables individual user-centric experiences that seamlessly converge operator core and public cloud services powering Next Generation TV initiatives. This approach transforms service providers into experience providers by streamlining customer registration and authentication processes, providing seamless, federated access to all services, and creating profiles for all users within the household. The MINT platform is an open and flexible software solution with REST-exposed APIs to dramatically reduce operators’ cost and time to market in launching next generation services.
UXP Systems' unique UXDR® technology (User Experience Data Records) captures important user activity data across all screens, enabling the operator to feed leading Recommendation Engines, Targeted Advertising Solutions, or simply the operator's own marketing machine.

Winner of the National Cable Television Association’s CIO award for innovation, the MINT platform is helping video providers continue to differentiate their service offerings to end users resulting in compelling, competitive, and personalized multiscreen experiences.

See below for more details on the major components of UXP Systems' MINT platform.
user lifecycle
There’s a lot more to creating user profiles than just creating a sub account. At UXP Systems we’ve modeled countless use case scenarios to come up with a ULM process library that ensures that all possible steps in a user’s lifecycle with an operator are considered, across all services and device types.
gateway (MSG)
The MINT Multiservice Gateway provides a fully documented and extensible gateway to allow the binding & federation of MINT users
to operator core and cloud services
This Multiservice Gateway functionality enables operators to take advantage of the personalization capabilities of MINT by binding core operator and cloud services to individual users. The possibilities for future services this offers to operators is compelling in terms of new services (YouTube, Personal Fitness and Music illustrated above) as well as from a future monetization of services perspective.
And UX for Converged
& personalized apps
The power of UXP Systems' MINT platform can be further enhanced for operators interested in capitalizing on our Console Framework, as well as our Reference UX for the building of converged and personalized apps across multiple screens.

The Console Framework is an optional thin-client framework for apps that works across multiple device OSes and provides a common baseline of services for supporting blended experiences on native OS/device combinations. UXP Systems' Reference UX technology includes a customizable UI framework that can be used to develop operator UX's to maintain a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple device types