Multiscreen Interaction Platform - MINT
Blend - Personalize - Extend
The MINT Software Suite is deployed in the operator’s core IT and network application environment providing a fit-gap foundation for operators wishing to transform towards user-driven experiences. By implementing MINT operators can enable enterprise-level personalization and converged service experiences across screens and devices.
MINT is Java-based and has a modular architecture that is segregated into multiple tiers. This multi-tier architecture allows for the ability to modify or add a specific layer, instead of reworking the entire application. It also allows MINT to be deployed in a clustered environment that is simultaneously fault-tolerant and scalable.

The MINT Software Suite combines three functional modules: MINT User Lifecycle Management, the MINT Multiservice Gateway, and the MINT Platform Utilities. The three Core functional modules work together to provide software functionality and business processes to enable user-centric experiences across services.

A fourth (optional) module, the Console Framework, is a lightweight software layer for client devices that enables consistent deployment of operator services across multiple device types (smart phones, tablets, web, STB, gaming consoles, etc).
MINT Components
UXP System’s MINT Software suite is composed of 4 software modules that address blended services and personalization in operator environments:
MINT User Lifecycle Management (ULM) - To manage the end to end lifecycle of users and groups and to provide a set of federated user processes and entities to services supported by the MINT Multiservice Gateway<br>MINT Multiservice Gateway (MSG) - Provides a core platform to normalize, abstract and expose downstream operator and third party services. The MSG also enhances each service with a federated ULM user entity to provide user-centric APIs and experiences<br>MINT Utilities - To support both MINT ULM and the MINT MSG with a common set of tools, frameworks and functions required for the delivery of services<br>MINT Console Framework - An optional (thin client) framework which provides a common baseline for supporting blended experiences on native OS/device combinations
The MINT Platform breaks constraining operator paradigms without breaking existing backend systems to enable competitive, relevant, and differentiating service experiences and business models.
Video Demo: MINT in Action
See the MINT Platform in action, providing a personalized user experience across multiple blended services (social media, favourites, personal recommendations, home control, weather, VOD, nPVR, and more)