Network & IT Integration
If you're an operator that's started down the road of offering your services across multiple screens, you've realized that a lot of the heavy lifting actually sits at the back-office, where IT systems and Network services converge.
You need to ensure that your users have valid credentials and subscriptions to their services, as they move to use them from screen to screen. This puts a reliance on integration to care, billing, entitlement and SSO systems. Once all has been verified, the network services the user wants to consume need to be invoked intuitively and instantly.

The UXP Systems Multiscreen Interaction Platform provides a rich set of orchestration and workflow processes to simplify these back-office activities. Our professional services teams have experience in integrating our platform quickly and cost-effectively to existing back office systems to enable operator services.

Our experience crosses:
Enterprise CRM & billing systems
Single sign-On, entitlement and credentialing platforms
In house network systems infrastructure (IP Video, EPG, VoIP, Messaging)
Third party and outsourced network / service systems (Social Media, OTT)
Video Demo: MINT in Action
See the MINT Platform in action, providing a personalized user experience across multiple blended services (social media, favourites, personal recommendations, home control, weather, VOD, nPVR, and more)