Multiscreen Enablement
Quickly capitalizing on the opportunity and need to make operator services relevant across multiple screens is a daunting task.
While back-end systems are moving towards cloud and IP based systems, front end platforms haven't kept up to enable richer, yet seamless and personalized experiences on tablets, smartphones, browsers and set-top-boxes. That's because experiences haven't been optimized for the second (and third) screens.

UXP Systems Multiscreen Enablement Services takes an approach combining user experience design expertise, with technical front and back-end knowledge to realize the future multiscreen experience.

Leveraging our Multiscreen Interaction Platform we are enabling the future multiscreen experience for our clients, via:
Business & User Process Design
User Experience Design
Network Systems & IT Integration
Front End Services Integration
Video Demo: MINT in Action
See the MINT Platform in action, providing a personalized user experience across multiple blended services (social media, favourites, personal recommendations, home control, weather, VOD, nPVR, and more)