MINT User Lifecycle Management
Go beyond the Household Paradigm to Create 1:1 Relationships around Services
As Operators contemplate next generation services including personal preferences, favorites, social networking and more, the requirement to manage subaccounts within the household is paramount.
As the Operator's role as an aggregator of content continues to expand over time, they are learning that they need to provide a user environment that enables their customers to be able to choose the how, when and where of consuming the operator's content and applications. As this expands, the intersection between traditional content and new services, social networking, chat, recommendations & more, come together to create personalized experiences. The problem is, most existing operator back-end systems still view the household as the end-element for service delivery, and do not have the ability to add new "sub account" users, let alone contend with all of the subaccount attributes, subscriptions, preferences, credentials and other elements required to deliver a seamless experience to all users. We believe that with the complete 360 degree view of all users that is possible with the MINT ULM Solution, the operator will be well positioned to emerge again as the default and preferred aggregator of services, delivering personalized, seamless experiences anywhere, anytime, on any of their user's devices.
Our Solution
UXP Systems' Award Winning MINT platform provides User Lifecycle Management via a two-tier, device and platform architecture, enabling operators to quickly launch and market personalized, interactive video services to any screen, leveraging existing multi-vendor back-end systems for managed and unmanaged content, social media, blended services, and more. Furthermore, ULM enables the ability for operators to manage subaccount users within the home, tracking all of their personal attributes, preferences and credentials while still maintaining existing billing and management coherency with existing backend BSS/OSS and Network systems.
MINT ULM enables the personalized federation of all of the Operators services Core Video, OTT, Social Networking, IP Phone, messaging, contacts, and more. ULM manages the authentication to these services using OAuth, Adobe Pass, SAML, and LDAP, as well as via custom authentication as required. Metadata can be enriched from multiple sources and tied to any user to create a 360 degree "content" profile for each user (favorites, bookmarks, recommendations, contacts, messages, etc). With MINT ULM, Service Federation and Service Personalization abstracts the complexity from the user, enabling a seamless, integrated experience.
Extend existing billing accounts to multiple household users with out of the box hierarchy and role definition
Provide registration, authentication and management of subaccount users as well as the management of relationships between users and underlying services
Federate multiple user entities across video, social, communications, metadata, OTT and more
Enable parental controls, head of household purchase authority as well as delegation/administration capabilities for all household users
Tailored content for each authenticated user, supporting session management/profiles at the user level
Create a 360 degree, "universal" profile of every user and generate records (UXDR™) across multiple services and devices
Support for "Sign-up and go" customer acquisition models for freemium users - enabling future monetization possibilities as required
Video Demo: MINT in Action
See the MINT Platform in action, providing a personalized user experience across multiple blended services (social media, favourites, personal recommendations, home control, weather, VOD, nPVR, and more)